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echotrap 23 Sep 2020

I received a call from someone claiming to be "microsoft support" and also claiming that Microsoft had received errors from my 'Windows-PC'. I was then asked to hit <win>+r (to open the run-program-bar) which did very little on my LinuxMint 20.0 MATE system. I suggested to instead run the required commands from the start menu search bar (which did little too) They then went ahead to tell me to download and install Ultraviewer (which is a PC-remote-control-application) and after this did not work the quite similar Team Viewer. After a while they found out I am not running windows. So I did go on and let them play on my 'throwaway' VirtualBox Windows 7 installation. There they showed me the install error log (which usually is a few hundred entries long and doesn't mean a thing) claiming that all those errors were virus and malware investations. Their disregard for the fact that this was a freshly installed system (see date and the lack of any usage signs exept for the installation of firefox) made me believe they were scammers. So I let them play with it for about an hour while watching a bit of Netflix... About 2h into the call they showed me that the windows license key wasn't valid (I use the intallations for testing and so use the 30 days for testing 'grace' for this reason, so no license key needs to be burned.) They then offered me to sell me a "firewall activation key" for a price of €19 to €99 for 2years or 'lifetime'. (I'd say.. good try?) Asking about particulars of that sale and license, the opperator got quite angry and hung up eventually.

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