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C. Bear 31 Dec 2020

this is a total scam & there are 2 men involved. they're working together, One is a Microsoft technical & he'll tell you that you have a trojan on your PC & if it isn't fixed, you'll be banned from the internet, to keep the internet safe & not spread it on the internet. Man #2 will tell you that that someone has charged $5000 to your credit card & he will suggest that if you act quickly, before he collects the money by using up all of your limit on your card so when he tries to get the money, the credit card won't be able t

c 31 Dec 2020

This guy will tell you that he works for the credit card company & that someone has charged $5000 to your credit card. His buddy will say he works for Microsoft tech & that you have d/l'ed a trojan & if it isn't fixed, that microsoft will ban you from the internet. The credit card man will ask you to buy gift cards, so that you can use up your credit card limit, so that he won't be able to get his $5000 money.

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The phone number 441917511218 is located in or around Sunderland.
The phone number +44 191 751 1218 has been searched 24 times.
The last time users looked for a phone number was 18.04.2024 00:51.
The phone number has been reported as spammed 2 times.
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  • 0191 751 1218
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  • +441917511218
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  • tel:+44-191-751-1218
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    United Kingdom
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    +44 191 751 1218
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    0191 751 1218
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