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R 12 Dec 2020

Received a text from this number giving me a 6-letter secutity code. To what, I don't know - was not trying to access anything at the time. It could be that someone entered the wrong phone number, or someone trying to hack one of my accounts, or a scam message.

Javier 17 Nov 2020

Some claim that this is a Indian scammer , some say it is from google drive and carrier : sure. Some claim it is from Guernsey. I got a verification code from this dude. Some claim got verified from TikTok,Google,Miscrosoft and Yahoo. Some claim this is a spoof number used to be a greatest hack 5 years ago.I don’t know.

Debra 28 Aug 2020

This person tried to send me a one time code for my paypal account they also got access to my e bay account. My bank account has also been recently hacked beware of this number

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The phone number 447781470659 is located in or around Guernsey.
The phone number +44 7781 470659 has been searched 171 times.
The last time users looked for a phone number was 28.05.2023 23:06.
The phone number has been reported as spammed 2 times.
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    +44 7781 470659
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    07781 470659
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