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Unknown 12 May 2020

I’m talking to her wright now,
But feels like a scam,
But I’m not sure,

lucy 2 Apr 2020

This is my good girlfriend. Her phone number has been hacked and displayed some malicious messages. This is too bad. She is a good person.

Roger hamley 2 Apr 2020

So got chatting on tinder then whatsapp. Eventually the conversation turned to mt4 platform and asked me to join a group for finance investment, complete scam of course

Anonym 21 Mar 2020

Met on Tinder. She tells me she's from Singapore, like Damien told. But this number is from great Britain. Any news there Damien? I'm still chatting with her.

Damien mullan 15 Mar 2020

I was added on an app called WhatsApp by this number and the person is telling me there from Singapore but something is telling me this number is not from a Singapore cell phone can I find out where this number is from?

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The phone number 447832894077 is located in or around United Kingdom.
The phone number +44 7832 894077 has been searched 427 times.
The last time users looked for a phone number was 18.04.2024 01:09.
The phone number has been reported as spammed 1 times.
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  • Location
    United Kingdom
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    +44 7832 894077
  • National
    07832 894077
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