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Police 23 Oct 2023

These 3
People that commented are pedophiles

16 Jul 2021

I was a victim of Daniel's scams - was because I've since gotten my money back. Daniel has a very rich and long history of scamming dating back to 2015/2016, and I have no doubts he'll continue until the day he dies. Whilst we wait for his deserved death, I've put some advice that has helped me get my money back.

1. Make an in-person police report (if you're in Victoria) or a ReportCyber police report (if you're from any other state). I highly recommend preparing the report with information from other cases/people, which you can find on dozens of websites* (including this). Include as much of his potential personal information like addresses, license plates, etc as possible - again, all of which you can get from websites like this** - as it'll provide the investigating police with more to work with when they come to investigate your report.
2. Report to your bank and the bank where you transferred to that that
account is being used for fraud. Also try reporting it to the website you've been scammed from (i.e Gumtree, Facebook) to have Daniel's account suspended/removed.
3. Tell Daniel that you have done so and that the only way he can remove the
possibility of being charged is to repay what he had defrauded.

* & ** - To find more similar websites that may have more information on Daniel, either search up his full name (Daniel Raymond Falzon) or his various phone numbers (such as 0431864518).

Note that these steps aren't a guaranteed way of getting your money back and will take at least a few weeks, but most likely a few months, for the police to begin investigating your report, let alone for it to be resolved. However, by doing these steps, you're at least a bit closer towards potentially getting your money back.

Good luck.

Pete H 29 Jun 2021

Phillip Johnstone. Gumtree scammer! Beware! Professional scammer!

Pete H 29 Jun 2021

Gumtree scammer, BEWARE!

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