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20 Jul 2023

I really bothered about this 279082930.. It called me twice yesterday and once this morning.. That why i tried to locate it. And i saw this site that its not only me calling by that number...

Jannah 18 Apr 2023

This number keeps on calling my roaming number for like 2x a week.

MAJ 15 Apr 2023

This number called me everyday, I live abroad and my number is in roaming.

Mira Dy 17 Aug 2022

This nr called me four times this week and I never bothered to answer coz I know it's from the "bank" (the caller claimed to be from Metrobank). I answered it once before but I rejected their offer of insurance something, they did not get any info from me so maybe that's why they keep on calling. Now, I finally blocked it today after the call.

Rose 10 May 2022

79082830 This number called me multiple times, the caller introduced herself that she's from Metrobank and she's confirming my name.

GG 28 Sep 2021

i received a call from this number. they said they are 3rd party of MetroBank Credit card. the background sound is quite noisy and I'm thinking this is a scammer and just trying to get the details of your card. I immediately ended that call and told them I'm not interested on their offer

adas 31 Aug 2021

+63 2 7908 2830 This number also called me earlier. I answered but it says "connecting" maybe due to my VoLTE call. Anyway, the call was not connected, then I realized maybe this is a spam, or worse, a hack, I ended the call right away but can't be ended. Attempted to turn off my phone but wasn't able to. I just want to ask if did the call do any harm on you guys? Particularly your info security, or sort of?

18 Aug 2021

Just block that number

alita29 29 Jul 2021

this number called me this morning. when I picked up, I did not say hello first. then I heard a lady voice but she automatically dropped the call.

21 Jul 2021

Called lots of times. But no answer

Ukaris 14 Jul 2021

It was exactly the same number i'm searching for google the phone nmber was# 09279082830 and i surprised on your comment cause that one of the other number posted on the comment is also calling me the number was #09985824208,positively it was a scam.

Bitoy Irvin 8 Jul 2021


8 Jul 2021

Also called me and my mobile number is also for private use. Can someone block this number permanently. It may be able to hack phones and other devices and can go through other accounts like banking, emails, and other personal data.

Ben Covern 22 Jun 2021

Same number (02) 7908 2830. Did not answer at all. And now thus cell number (0998) 582 4228.

A 21 Jun 2021

I just received a call from the same number on my mobile and when I answered, there was nobody answering.

PDC 19 Jun 2021

This number has called me three times. I’m afraid to answer it.

Jay 16 Jun 2021


They called for 2 days, when I answer they end the call. When I get to call it back from my mobile and landline, the call cannot be completed as dialed. They're calling my private number which I don't give out freely, which is what irritates me the most

Does anyone know this number?

yorme 9 Jun 2021

called multiple times on my roaming number and when try to return the call it's not even reachable hence this is a scam call

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