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Patrick McAsey 12 Mar 2021

Someone at this number called me yesterday claiming to be from HSBC, and that there had been 'fraudulent activity' on my account. In order to 'verify' who I was he then started asking me for my date of birth and would no doubt have gone on to ask for further details. It was at this point that I hung up. Why would somebody cold call you and then ask you to 'verify' who you are?

I've heard this phrase 'fraudulent activity' too often to believe it, and I am quite sure that banks don't operate in this way; i.e. by phoning you.

The strange thing was that when I called this number back later, the recording said that this was 'the HSBC hotline', and that they had been trying to get in touch with me urgently. But I still don't believe it is.

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