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D 18 Dec 2022

Legit scammer. borrow money and lie

@ Anon 5 Oct 2022

Please make police report about this fucking idiot shithead scammer. The faster he is arrested, the less people he can cheat.

Anon 29 Sep 2022

Just met him at Kembangan Mrt in Pink Hoodie and Pink Mask with very dark eye circles. Was asking for $8.20 and I said I didn't have cash on hand. He wanted me to go to the ATM to withdraw which I mentioned not possible. Said I can gpay he he didn't know what's that so I offered paylah. Next moment, he requested for $38.20 and I was like nope. Please be wary.

Ng Tian Qing Nigel Tampines Dog 18 Sep 2022

Name: Ng Tian Qing Nigel
NRIC: S8505875D
Date of Birth: 08/03/1985
Address: BLK 497G Tampines Street 45 #04-118

karma is a bij 15 Sep 2022

He asked for cash $8.20 then become $38.20 then round up paylah paynow anything also can

grunter is nigel 7 Sep 2022

He sounds as unhinged and stupid as he does in person lol. fkn retard scammer. so sad he trying to be other people to pretend he's honest.

Die better 7 Sep 2022

he don't exist also better, waste of life and space in society :))) no money got leg and hand go and work and earn la. fucking hell borrow money to buy vape juice? borrow money to spend on himself on branded clothing? You fucking zhun bo Nigel 37 years old still cannot think? Your mother father jump when you born is it? No wonder no EQ even at that age

Nigel disgrace to society 7 Sep 2022

So obvious grunter is the scamming dog hahaha, he got one girlfriend also working at geylang dk fuck how many guys already.

Name: Ng Tian Qing Nigel
NRIC: S8505875D
Date of Birth: 08/03/1985
Address: BLK 497G Tampines Street 45 #04-118

A manipulative scammer 4 Sep 2022

Don't believe him and don't give him money no matter what he says! Faker and a liar!

Ng Tian Qing Nigel 3 Sep 2022

S8505875D, 08/03/1985, BLK 497G Tampines Street 45 #04-118

Hi All 26 Aug 2022

tampines street 45 blk 497g, yes that is the place i gave him money.

Tampines Dog 17 Aug 2022

Asked for cash for medical fees few months back up to now still haven't pay up. Did some check and found that he live around tampines street 45 blk 497g, owe so many people money and dont want return, better watch out karma will strike you

ThisNumberIsSerialCheater 2 Aug 2022

Going around asking for money and caught him vaping on his device which is pretty much illegal in SG. Never borrow or lend money to him no matter how he shed his crocodile tears.

me 2 Aug 2022

My IMH bills are close to 3 thousand medisave all gone. I seek treatment. I have nothing to my name. Iam just proud to be in singapore where people really help each other more than ever IT HAS HELPED ME. so thank you
please call me 84222449 so i can settle with you guys for sure i will. Thank you

Hi All 21 Jul 2022

I slao lend him some money for him to see doctor, but no return, shall we all report to police on what is he doing?

Dee 18 Jul 2022

Stood outside MRT asking for money... being nice (maybe I stupid la) I just lend but.. idk if will get back. He gave number say he promise to payback. see lo

ABCDEF-U! 15 Jul 2022

He asked for money for his medical bills.
At first, it was short of $8.20. After that, I don’t know why it became $38.20. And then it went on to $88.20? As a kind soul, I decided to help T.T and lend some money. I wonder will he returns back? Heheheeeee

12 May 2022

why he keep askin for money

T 11 May 2022

T said he was approach by same guy, and got money back
The other one on 14th April also got the money back. so how is this a scam. Scam dont get money back de.
there are bigger things out there to worry than someone that returned money they borrowed.

Q 11 May 2022

There is always 2 side to a coin...

Q 11 May 2022

Please dont lend money if you intend to get it back. that is why i dont lend money, of course the guy dissapears on you if you lend him/or her money. Must be some gambler. Never lend anyone money unless its your friend. if you say you are in contact with the guy how is he scamming you ? but still never lend money to a stranger.

h 9 May 2022

obiviouslee T is the ownr of phone LOL try to geh kiang. clock ticking

T 9 May 2022

He asked me to lend him $150 as in was in a bad situation etc. Said I could say no he would be okay with it as he could not pay me back any time soon. He did not force me to lend him the money. So I listened to his situation and decided that I could spare some money for the month and with the situation he relayed to me, I figured he could use some help so I lent him the money. He would keep in contact with me throughout the weeks after I lent him the money and paid me back slowly till the money was returned fully. I guess only lend if you guys are really willing to and are not in a hurry to get the money back or anything. I initially had my doubts but got proven wrong. Had to share my experience as I saw these reports right after I lent him the money and was really concerned as to if I will get my money back. I'm not sure if he has told everyone the predicament that he's in. He shared with me the day that I lent money to him. I work in the medical field so I know when someone is really struggling as I see it in my patients all the time. So just give the guy a break and lend only if you are willing to help and not in need of the money back urgently. At the end of the day he paid me the full $150 back over a few weeks. I think in this age and time, it's natural for everyone to be cynical and guarded especially due to covid, but please do not misunderstand someone's intentions and make false accusations as this could lead someone to despair and help can turn to a catalyst instead for someone that is trying to get back up on their feet again. While I do agree that there are scams out there and everyone should be vigilant, from my experience, this is not one.

X 9 May 2022

Kept asking to borrow money... makes you feel bad and guilty when u chase.

15 Apr 2022

He asked for $38.20 for medical bills but round up to $50 as it was hard to withdraw exact amount. Said that he would return me back but in the end said he needed more time and would paylah me eventually. Called me back to try to ask for $137 as said needed a min $500 in acct to withdraw. Got a little suspicious and defensive when I asked more qns. Managed to get back my $50 but seems like a potential scam.

- 15 Apr 2022

He asked for almost 40 bucks to pay for medical bills, then he asked to top up to 50, then asked for like a lot more money. Seems like a pattern

- 14 Apr 2022

He asked for cash too

27 Feb 2022

He asked for cash too. $100.

A 25 Feb 2022

He asked for cash.

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