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Manu 30 Apr 2021

Blank call. No voice heard from caller.

Neel Nair 26 Dec 2020

I got a call today but when I picked and responded with '' Hello'' it got disconnected. I tried to ring back from a different landline number, I felt like the call routed to some recording machine. Must be a fraudster spammer , hope Police and Telecom authorities will do something to F*** this bloody A***

Robert-UK 28 Apr 2020

I had a call from this number,late at night. Never picked it up as I assumed must be a scam. Couple of months ago the same number appeared on my records which I keep.
India is a hotspot for scams, so be vigilante

vikya 26 Feb 2020

The number called and didn't leave a message, when you call back, a machine recording comes to say "your call is in a queue and will be answered shortly." Did not say who the number belongs to. Waited for 5 mins, not answered.

Ranu 18 Oct 2019

Blank call. When called back said call the customer services at 121. Hiw do I find out who called

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The phone number 912268649400 is located in or around Mumbai.
The phone number +91 22 6864 9400 has been searched 824 times.
The last time users looked for a phone number was 21.07.2024 22:41.
The phone number has been reported as spammed 4 times.
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  • 022 6864 9400
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    +91 22 6864 9400
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    022 6864 9400
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