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An All-Inclusive Guide for Call Blocking and Call Blocking Boxes

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Blocking incoming calls is one of the things that most people must be well-versed with. These come in handy when dealing with harassing debt collectors, spam calls, and frauds. After picking up the phone call if you feel skeptical about the caller’s motives, block them. But most people don’t know how to call block on the device they’re using.

The solution? It’s right here in this article. Read it carefully as it may prove useful in dire situations. Connecting equipment like call blocking boxes to your mobile phone can help you find the caller ID and much more. There are user-friendly and more advanced alternatives that you can make optimum use of to successfully block unwanted incoming calls.

Scammers can call any number from anywhere in the world using VoIP technology. Whether you’re registered on the National Do Not Call Registry is not something that they care about. Your best option? Phone call blocking devices and practices. So, without further ado let’s see what call blocking is and how it helps you.

An Overview of the Telephone Call Blocking Technology

As you must be aware, call blocking allows you to ignore calls from unwelcomed numbers. Blocking incoming phone calls is not very difficult and can be done directly on your phone or through an attached device. A phone call blocker keeps prohibited numbers at bay by playing a prerecorded message every time they call your number.

Contrary to phone call blockers, screening devices transfer calls from blocked numbers only after the caller reveals their identity.

How to Call Block on Different Platforms

This section teaches you various useful methods for telephone call blocking. Thanks to technology individuals are bound to receive phone calls from multiple platforms but not many know how to block calls on each of them. The three common types of phone calls are:

  • Calls made from mobile phone
  • Calls made using VoIP
  • Calls made from traditional landlines

To stop unwanted calls, you can use call blocking boxes or follow the below-mentioned practices. They are simple and require minimal efforts, simply scroll to the type of device you are using and read the steps mentioned carefully.

  • Blocking Unwanted Calls on Mobile Phones

    Look at the infographic linked above and you’ll see three options to block calls on mobile phones. They are–Built-in features, Carrier services, and third-party applications.

    Call blocking applications work like filters to sieve through the incoming calls to ensure your privacy and safety. If you don't wish to download third-party applications most mobile phones support call blocking as one of their in-built features. Also, you can check which call blocking services your phone carrier has to offer.

  • Blocking Unwanted Calls on a Phone Using VoIP

    To avoid such calls first contact your carrier to ensure that your connection is not over phone lines but uses the VoIP technology. Once confirmed, search for internet-based services to block telephone call(s). Call blocking services online may or may not be free. These services stop unwanted calls, do not make your phone ring, or make the calls go straight to voicemail.

  • Blocking Unwanted Calls on a Traditional Landline

    The best call blocking solution for traditional landlines are call blocking boxes. Some of these boxes use blacklists to stop unwanted calls and divert calls directly to the voicemail. Others use whitelists that only allow an approved list of numbers to connect to the landline.

A Spam phone call

Know-How to Call Block Spammers

If you are receiving an excessive number of phone calls from any unwanted number, don't hesitate to add it to your blocklist. Blocking incoming calls also saves you from the torment of telemarketers that refuse to take no for an answer.

Call blocking is for your safety and privacy, but it may not always be the last step. If any person threatens to physically hurt you or your loved ones or seems dangerous, contact the police immediately.

What are Call Blocking Boxes?

Call blocking boxes are digital devices that can be connected to a mobile phone or traditional phone to block incoming calls. These boxes are programmed to send calls from blacklisted numbers straight to voice mail. There are also call blocking boxes that use whitelists of approved numbers to prevent any unwanted party to call your number by playing a pre-recorded message when they try to reach you.

Benefits of Telephone Call Blocking

There are multiple advantages of built-in call block features, downloaded call blocking applications and call blocking boxes. They protect you from annoying or at times harassing phone calls which may be very nasty to experience otherwise. Whether it is an obsessed ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend or any person you wish to avoid, call blocking comes to your rescue. Other benefits include,

  • No need to change your phone number
  • Protects your identity and private information
  • You know who is calling even when the number is not saved in your directory