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Handling Bad Phone Numbers Like A Pro: A Complete Guide

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People are so accustomed to mobile phones that even children know their way around complex smartphones. One thing that bothers all mobile phone owners at some point is phone harassment. Not only is it annoying but poses a major threat to your privacy and sense of security. It is almost impossible to avoid or prevent calls from bad phone numbers making it difficult for the affected individuals.

Whether it was just one call or a series of phone calls to your number, you are a victim of phone call harassment. Reporting it to the local authorities is the best way to ensure your safety if none of the methods given below come to your rescue. Also, if someone threatens to physically harm you or your loved ones, file a police complaint at once.

Obscene phone comments are a stressful and daunting experience for anyone on the receiving end of the phone. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to dodge these unwanted and annoying phone numbers.

Let’s find out.

What are bad phone numbers?

Bad phone numbers are phone calls that are made to intimidate the receiver. Intimidating noises, vulgar language, or even absolute silence are the sign of a bad phone number and must be immediately taken care of.

People try to ignore such calls but often find themselves in the middle of gruesome situations. Phone harassment occurs when any third-party tries to annoy, harass, or harm you by:

  • Continuously making your phone ring
  • Making obscene remarks or requests
  • Refusing to reveal the identity
  • Making repeated phone calls using indecent language
  • Attempting to find/steal confidential information over the phone
  • Donning a fake identity
  • Using heavy breathing or extreme silence to intimidate you

Why not simply check the caller ID and information?

As straightforward as finding who made the call seems, it isn't. Attackers often use untraceable private numbers that make it difficult for you to track them down. Even if the details are available, it is recommended to stay away from such intrusive callers. And you can’t simply go to the phone company and ask, “Hey, could you tell me who called from this phone number?” and get the answer within minutes. There is a complex procedure that must be followed by the company to maintain its customer’s privacy.

However, you can check a phone number for scams and if others have reported the number you should avoid it too. Once you look up scam phone numbers report them to the authorities so they can take the necessary actions against them.

Results of Not Managing Calls from Bad Phone Numbers Appropriately

Know that the reported calls don't need to be verbally indecent or violent for you to report them. The different scenarios which are included in the phone harassment category were discussed in the previous section. Now we’ll tell you about two possibilities following phone harassment,

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  • Stalking
    One of the most common risks that follow an abusive or threatening phone call is stalking. Consider this example: A woman met a man through an online dating platform. She was convinced that he was “the one”. But was he?

    She began terrorizing the man by sending him more than 500 messages daily. While the man was on vacation, the woman was found snooping around his property on the CCTV. This was the last straw that made him call the police. The police finally arrested her when the man found her bathing in his bathtub.

  • Fraud

    Anyone can pretend to be someone else on the phone. How can you pick out the fake callers?
    Hello Ma’am, I’m most obliged to inform you that your number has won our grand prize!
    Make sure to not give in to such tricks adopted by such frauds. These are dangerous as they can ask you many personal details to send you your "grand winnings".
    Instead of answering such calls and entertaining their schemes, it is better to get a scam phone number checker. If you check spam phone numbers, it can save you from many scams.

    How to Check Phone Number for Scam?

    There are many applications available that can help you perform a phone scam lookup. After the phone number scam lookup, you can easily find out which numbers to ignore and which need your attention.

  • Spam Calls

    Whether it is an advertising agency or any source, if you get repeated calls from a number–that’s a red flag. Report these calls to the concerned authorities and get the number on your block list without wasting any time.

    Performing a Spam Phone Number Check

    Verify and validate phone numbers using a spam phone number search tool online. These tools usually check personal and business numbers, so you get quick and accurate results.

Different Types of Harassment from Bad Phone Numbers

This table tells you the different forms of phone harassment faced by individuals.
Form of Harassment Description
Blocked Caller ID or No Caller ID Any person trying to conceal their identity cannot have your best interests or well-being in mind.
Spam Calls Spam calls, especially for illegal purposes pose a severe threat to the security of your information.
Intimidating Phone Calls This type of harassment generally comes from someone you know and have exchanged numbers with. Examples include debt collection calls and threatening calls from your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend/ex-spouse.

A simple solution would be to reach out to your local phone service provider and block these numbers permanently. Other than this you can follow other steps too; they are enlisted further in this article.

How to Tackle a Phone Number Spam

Let’s see in detail how you can handle a phone number spam without compromising any personal information. Firstly, know that there’s a difference between an annoying call and a harassing call. Don’t confuse the two terms and jump to conclusions. Consider the following factors to know whether the calls you have received qualify as harassing.

  • The timing of calls. For instance, if you receive calls in the middle of the night, they are more likely to be labeled as harassing.
  • The regularity of the calls.
  • Threats to harm you or your family. Report such calls immediately.
  • Obscene language.

Measures to Prevent Harassment from Bad Phone Numbers

Besides a scam phone numbers lookup, other alternatives can save you from the torment of harassing phone calls. When you get a call, make a note of the gender and the voice of the caller, the time and date of the call, and what was said in the call. With luck, if the police can use this information to track the caller or find any evidence it can prevent any mishaps.

Please Note: If you receive any such call you mustn't engage in a conversation or reveal any information.

The best way to prevent any future calls from the same person is ignorance. Do not give them satisfaction by responding to their threats or losing your temper. For women, it is recommended to have an initial listed in the directory instead of their complete name. If you receive a call asking, “what number they have called?” either hang up or ask them what number they meant to call. Never reveal your number.