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PETER 16 Nov 2022

Ask personal info and then the money question

15 Nov 2022


Deb 15 Nov 2022

Spam/scam. Let it ring.

David 3 Nov 2022


DH 1 Nov 2022

Hung up when I answered. Could hear background noise.

JB 20 Oct 2022

They have been calling my phone since july now. 100 Percent scam!!

Angell 19 Oct 2022

I don't know who they were. When I answered they hung up, and it was a few times.

14 Oct 2022

Keep receiving calls from this number, I don’t bother answering coz if it’s really important they can leave me a voicemail. I don’t have time for these scammers.

Kuro O. 13 Oct 2022

Keeps ringing no nz number is an 09 so i dont pick up

Sarah 11 Oct 2022

Called my mobile. My caller id said it was potential spam, so let it ring.

Helen Mitchell 11 Oct 2022

Didn't recognise the number altho it had 09 in front which could have been from a NZ phone account. Didn't pick up. Just let it ring.

11 Oct 2022

Told me they were from a company that wen I searched their name doesn't exist terrible line just wanted to ask a whole lot of personal info questions

Linda 6 Oct 2022

Didn't pick up as I don't know the number and has tried ring afew time over least month

Vao 5 Oct 2022

You block one number and the next call comes from a different number. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
I will just keep blocking these numbers

Anon 4 Oct 2022


Cameron 3 Oct 2022

Scam that somehow knew my name

Ambrosia 3 Oct 2022

Just got call and says I won something and they will ring back in due course. So thanks to this it's obviously spam. Thanks you guys for the heads up surely will be blocking number!👍

V 3 Oct 2022

It was a woman who told me that I won a voucher, but I know that I didn't play in any competition or stuff like that. I just blocked it.

Sdk 1 Oct 2022

Most likely a scammer

John 28 Sep 2022

Spam call

B 22 Sep 2022

Calls daily. I've blocked the number

Lee 22 Sep 2022

Calling my cellphone daily, don't leave a message, when I answered they hung up

ruby 21 Sep 2022

I keep getting this number calling me but I’m to scared to answer cause it will be a scam

20 Sep 2022

They seem to get your info from ads on stuff and such posing as a possible 50 dollar new world voucher and the like if you answer their questions. Looks legit to people like me that could do with a spare 50 bucks for the supermarket. Basically your number is going to get passed around and around to all sorts of scam places for the next few months or so, expect more calls.

james 20 Sep 2022

scammers but i did not answer

NC 20 Sep 2022

I've been receiving calls from this number and when I called back it just said that 'Thank you, we have recently called you about a competition you entered, please enter your number if you wish not to be contacted'. I didn't enter my number and hang up. Thanks for other responses, it sure is spam. Block the number.

Lou 20 Sep 2022

I got this call during work numbers, somehow they knew my address and contact details, but when they asked for my email I hesitated and asked if I could call back, they said they will place a call back with me and to give them a time. I hung up and called the number back and it said 'Thank you, we have recently called you about a competition you entered, please enter your number if you wish not to be contacted' I dont know if it is a scam or not or whether I filled out a competition but scary how they knew my address details, ugh. Be safe out there.

Anonymous 19 Sep 2022

Scammers number dont answer

NT 15 Sep 2022

Came here to check and yup obviously a scam. Blocking number now.

Don't pickup 15 Sep 2022

Caller hung up sounded female as she happened to speak to someone as I curiously answered the goddammed phone. I thought it was my daughter ringing from the city.... But Nope this wasn't an accidental hangup in my 👂 because my daughter would've called me back. No call back so blocking that b! I googled too!! Hence this msg 😤

Dylan 15 Sep 2022

Called by them yesterday and today. Didn't answer but seeing others posts, it looks like they're a scammer making rounds.

Anon 15 Sep 2022

Calls, Says 'Hi', Hangs up - F£@ken piece of sh%t scammers...

14 Sep 2022


Sam fidow 13 Sep 2022

Keeps ringing

Goh. 13 Sep 2022

From my understanding, if you answer the call ( and they hang up) they know then you number current. Your number gets passed on to scammers. Save yourself the stress just dont answer.

Jamie 13 Sep 2022

Got a call today but didn't answer. Comes up as suspected spam on the phone. If it's a legit call, they can leave a message.

Hayley 13 Sep 2022

Ignored and searched on google. Just adding that I am another one who has been called by this number. Seems like alot have in the last couple of days.

12 Sep 2022

Caller said "hi" in a high pitched voice then hung up straight away.

AH 9 Sep 2022

Caller hangs up if I answer. Doesn't leave a message if I don't

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